Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What We Learned - October 2017

Posted by Caitlyn

What We Learned This Trip

1. Canada is very cold, very very cold, but at least there is no bugs.
                    "Snow is cold" -Yev
2. The ghost in the Athabasca house is 100% there.
3. Crow Lake is the worst even without the bugs.
4. Canada is 100% better without its bloodsucking inhabits
5.  During a Canadian October, always wear pants when you leave your hotel room with layers on. Or you will freeze especially when you get locked out.
6. Apple pie fritter at Tim Hortons is AMAZING
7. The only thing worse than Canadian bloodsuckers is the McMurray Inn's wifi.
8. Dead squirrels smell real bad.
9. Canadian fall is my winter
10. There is a Tim Hortons in Athabasca
11. Kristen loves the bogs.
12. At the airport, we have the new wonderful title of bog people.
13. Snow tubes hurt. 

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