Tuesday, August 22, 2017

posted by Caitlyn:

We finally made it to CANADA! Our August trip was a blast and a nice trip down memory lane. It was nostalgic to stay at the same house in Athabasca and see the WBEA sites. My peat feet didn't take too long to come back after a few instances of being stuck. The black flies and mosquitoes also had faded from memory. I personally forgot bug spray when visiting our first site, Anzac, which isn't a mistake I will likely make again. Veg collection was as fun as I remembered. Everyone quickly found their favorite vegetation to pick. I personally loved Mitis, while Yev enjoyed Evernia. Kel and Wendy worked as a great team to collect all of the Sphagnum samples. It couldn't be all work and no fun though. Yev and I spent most of free time enjoying the always good Canadian Netflix. All in all we had a fantastic trip! We can't wait to go back in October.