Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We're not in Kansas ( I mean Philly) anymore!

Posted by Caitlyn

After a long journey, we finally made it to Canada. The trip up was filled with extended flights, a long time in Minneapolis, and a large amount of Chick-fil-A. Movies were watched, work was completed, and a significant amount of naps were taken.  Canada was not as I remembered it in all my past memories. It had been on the chilly side during the summer, but right off the plane I could feel that this was going to be a colder experience. Our first  day was spent preparing for our wonderful Peatland adventures. We had a few hiccups on the way including holding back an old lady's car so it didn't roll into a very large truck.
Yev enjoying Athabasca
On our first field day, we brought Kristen out to experience her first outing in a bog. The Wagon Wheels were as glorious as I remembered. The weather may have been colder....A LOT COLDER.....many layers of clothing with hand warmers colder. Luckily for us, the sites warmed up after walking up a few arms. Yev and I had great fun taking down snow tubes. There were a few mess ups as the tube fell on my head at least one.  We had a cold but successful adventure.
Crow Lake

The following day, we traveled to the far off Red Earth Creek site. We had a possible caribou sighting down the path. The site was enjoyable. However, we did find an unsettling surprise in one of the snow tubes. A snow tube took another a casualty- a squirrel.

Red Earth Creek

The next day, we traveled to the infamous Crow Lake. Despite the few injuries and stuck boots, we were able to complete all of our work efficiently and still enjoy the bog. But, Crow Lake is still the worst.

We enjoyed a few days in Fort Mac. It was a great trip complete with great food, great company ( our new friend Danielle), and the always great Tim Hortons for breakfast. We were able to see all the WBEA sites. It may have been the coldest days of the trip, but it was also the best. Yev kept us laughing the entire trip. There were some hiccups here and there, cold hands, stubborn weather stations, crank wires,  and Yev's room locking her out, but we had fun nonetheless. Also, we saw wood buffalo!!!
Kim and Melanie reading crank wires

That's all folks.
Until next time.  

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