Thursday, July 19, 2018

July Trip Highlights

Wow! The July Trip went by fast! We are just speeding through the summer. Here are some of the highlights of this trip!

Our Bear Encounter at Canadian Tire
BEAR ENCOUNTER. We saw two bears this trip. The first one was walking on the side of the road while we were driving back to Fort McMurray. He almost ran out in front of the road, but decided against it. Thank goodness. Our second bear encounter was at the Canadian Tire. He was a very nice bear. :)

MARIANA AND CROW LAKE. We needed more snowtubes for our new sites, so we decided to stop by Mariana and Crow Lake during this trip. Yev and I had moments of nostalgia at both of these sites, but they quickly subsided after getting stuck. They are still as beautiful as ever. 

Massive Tires.  While driving back from McKay, we were stuck behind massive tires. We say multiple trucks carrying similar loads. We spend the majority of the  drive trying to figure out what  type of vehicle used this type of tire. 
Massive Tires

EDMONTON. We had an spare evening, so we got to spend it Edmonton.  After a week of field work, it was nice to have a little fun. Our adventure evening began on a high note as we successfully completed an escape room at the Edmonton mall. We finished it with a second to spare. 


The night of fun continued as we explored the mall. We found an arcade and spent the rest of the night playing a variety of games from Mario Kart to Skee ball. The most laughs came from us attempted to complete several Dance Dance Revolution rounds. Our endeavors were successful as we earned an alien egg for our well-earned tickets. 
Eric and Spencer attempting to play DDR