Pictures 2013

Nate and Melanie doing Science

Kel.  Not lost.

Katy, Jacqueline, Brian, Kel learning about veg from Cara

Kel, Cara, Brian, and Nate getting ready for take-off

pure joy.  Hope and Katy

Katy loving it...  Melanie:  not so much.

Hope, Jacqueline, Melanie, and Katy dropped in the middle of nowhere

Graham and Julia lovin' the chopper

Julia and Anita 

Katy, Hope,and Cara at Wabasca 'working' on sippers June

Hope supervising Katy....   Power stance   June

Anita and Julia looking fairly unhappy stuck counting crank wires (May)

Nate, Katy, and Melanie prepping gas-flux collars (May)
Bugs are bad at Wagon Wheel Bog
Lumber drop

More lumber

Thank goodness for the quad
Mikah, Nate, and Cara at Crow Lake burned bog

Hope in motion
Our 2013 crew (plus Kitten in motion)

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