Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Virtual Day of Field Work

In the middle of  COVID-19 Pandemic, our lab work has stopped but we continue on. Lab work has been substituted with couch work. The number of coworkers has decreased and my daily coffee intake has increased exponentially.....my new coworker sleeps on the job.

My days are filled with Excel, Word, and preventing my dog, Hazel, from stepping on my computer ( which is much harder than it sounds).

On rainy days like today, I can feel Alberta field work calling. In the spirit of social distancing, I attempted a virtual field work day. Google Maps luckily has a lot of street view.  I decided to turn on last year's summer field work playlist and go searching for some familiar sites.

Had to start the day saying hi to Athabasca.

I quickly realized that the pictures were old because there was a field where the Tim Horton's is now.

Made my way to the Grasslands. There was a truck on the road that looked a lot like Sparky....it had a different camper top :( 

Now for the hardest question of them all......which gas station to go to in Wandering River. 

Traveling North.......I think I stumbled upon Crow Lake.....

Sadly, there was no streetview in Anzac....so I moved to Fort McMurray. Naturally, the line for Tim Hortons drive through was insane....some things never change. 

Drove by Syncrude

The roads and the street view start to disappear from there, so it is little harder to see the rest of the sites from our current project.....hopefully, we will get back to field work soon. Until then, stay safe everybody. 


  1. Awesome Post, Caitlyn!! We'll miss the Mosses this spring :-(

  2. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for posting